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Introducing Shakkar by “Thе Junglе Harvеst” – Shakkar, an age-old delicacy, embodies the warmth of tradition and the purity of nature. Crafted from raw sugarcane, it's a sweet delight untouched by refinement, preserving its natural goodness. With its golden hue and rich caramel-like flavour, each bite of Shakkar encapsulates the essence of heritage and offers a taste of wholesome sweetness. Embrace its versatility in various culinary creations, beverages, or simply savour its unadulterated sweetness, knowing it's a treat steeped in tradition and well-being.

Why choose

  • Unrefined Sweetness: Shakkar is a natural sweetener, unprocessed and free from artificial additives or refinement, preserving its authentic taste and natural goodness.
  • Rich Taste & Versatility: With its rich, caramel-like flavour, Shakkar enhances the taste of beverages, desserts, and savoury dishes, adding a unique depth of sweetness.
  • Nutritional Value: It retains minerals and nutrients present in sugarcane, offering a source of energy and a touch of wholesome sweetness without compromising on health.
  • Tradition & Heritage: Embrace the heritage of pure sweetness with Shakkar, celebrating its cultural significance and traditional craftsmanship.
  • Chemical-Free Sweetening: As a natural sweetener, it provides an alternative to refined sugars, making it an excellent choice for those seeking more natural, unprocessed options.


  • Unprocessed Sweetening
  • Rich Natural Flavor
  • Nutrient Retention
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Healthier Alternative

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