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Introducing Gud by “Thе Junglе Harvеst” – Gud, cherished for centuries, embodies the essence of natural sweetness and nourishment. Crafted from raw, unprocessed sugarcane juice, it's a wholesome alternative to refined sugar. Each bite carries the warmth of tradition and the purity of nature, packed with essential minerals like iron and antioxidants, promoting better digestion and aiding in detoxification. Enjoy its caramel-like flavour in desserts, beverages, or as a guilt-free sweetener, relishing it's comforting, earthy richness that embodies the heart of heritage and well-being.

Why choose

  • Natural Sweetness: Gud is a natural, unrefined sweetener, preserving essential nutrients absent in refined sugar.
  • Health Benefits: Rich in minerals like iron, antioxidants, and vitamins, it aids in digestion, boosts immunity, and supports detoxification.
  • Traditional Heritage: Embrace a taste of tradition with this product, reflecting centuries-old craftsmanship and the warmth of cultural richness.
  • Versatile Usage: Use it in various culinary creations, beverages, or desserts for a distinct caramel-like flavour and an earthy, comforting richness.
  • Guilt-Free Indulgence: Enjoy the sweetness guilt-free, knowing it's a healthier alternative that complements a balanced lifestyle.


  • Nutrient-Rich Sweetener
  • Healthful Minerals
  • Digestive Aid
  • Immunity Booster
  • Traditional Heritage
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